First signs of spring

28.02 2021
On the last day of February we visited western part of Estonia - Põõsaspea promontory is one of the best places for bird watching. We were hoping to see some early birds arriving to our waters.

We noticed a great cormorant spreading his wings in wind and some velvet scoters who had probably just arrived, also long-tailed ducks, mute swans, common goldeyes, red-breasted mergansers and common mergansers.

Just for fun we also experimented with an old binocular taking a few shots through the lens with smartphone.. :) The magnification was great but result in general no technical miracle of course.

Nearby the coast there is another great place to visit - Liivanõmme observation tower where we were happy to spot white-tailed eagles and took some photos of the sunset in heartwarming colors.

#phalacrocoraxcarbo #melanittafusca #clangulahyemalis #cygnusolor #bucephalaclangula #mergusserrator #mergusmerganser #haliaeetusalbicilla #estonia #põõsaspea #nõva #liivanõmme #naturelovers #merlislätti #andreskilling

Visiting Rocca al Mare

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