Struggle on the swan lake

In 15.04 at a lunch time, I went to Kurgla bog, to capture some pictures from Marsh Harriers.
The weather was really moody, at one point it was snowing hard and another it was again sunny.
But as nature lover, weather is always good enough for me, to visit nature.
I waited there for a while and suddenly I heard noisy swans close to me. I noticed that one Mute Swan was out of the water and standing in the forest, so I decided to sneak a little closer. Suddenly there was also one Whooper Swan, approaching Mute swan. I realized that they have some issues between them and decided to watch the progress from distance.  
After a view minute face off, the Whooper Swan decided to go back to water, where his mating partner was waiting…
…. and they left behind the reeds.
Mute swan was standing there, in the forest, I went a little closer to see if he is injured, luckily he was okay and returned also to the water and stretched his wings.
I thought that, that was it, two biggest flying birds in the world decided to share the bog lake, but the Whooper Swan did not like that idea at all. Suddenly the male Whooper Swan rushed with his flapping wings towards the Mute Swan and the intense race was on. 
It seemed that the Mute Swan was a little quicker, he got away and Whooper returned to his partner. But after 10 minutes Mute swan decided that he would like also to stay on this lake and returned. He landed just in front of me.
We stared each other for a moment and then he left in the reeds.
So now the peace is settled, I thought. But the Whooper swan was anxious to get rid of the other specie and landed at the same spot, to search the Mute Swan.
This time he did not find the Mute Swan and left, luckily nobody was injured.
That was my little adventure in that day and that is the reasons which calls me always back to nature
There is always something interesting going on.

….and the Marsh Harriers, I saw them also :)
Photographer: Andres Killing for #naturelovers
At the seaside, 11.04 2020
Visiting Hiiumaa island

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