Visiting Rocca al Mare

Sunday, 21.02 2021
Photos by Merlis Lätti and Andres Killing for #naturelovers
Last Sunday we decided to go to the seaside to see how birds are doing. As the sea ice has cut off some of the bird species food source, we took some fish with us from the local fishmarket. 

These Grey Herons, that decided to stay in Estonia through winter have had the hardest time, as they are depending on open water to find food, but almost every lake and river is covered with ice. Hopefully they got a little extra hope and energy, from the fish, we brought them, as the spring is not far. Most of it was stolen by crows though..
On the way back through the reed forest we saw a lovely Kingfisher.

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#naturelovers #merlislätti #andreskilling
Saturday, 26.09 2020
First signs of spring

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