What to consider when choosing wall art for the interior and how to order it?

When choosing wall art for your home, you may have several questions - both in finding the most suitable photo for the interior and in terms of the size and format of the work.
Here are some tips shared by interior designers.

We also wish to let you know that we always have time to talk to you personally and can advise you in selecting your wall art and to organize all details to do with your order.

 Each piece of #naturelovers wall art is a unique work of art that wafts with closeness to nature and brings harmony to your home. The number of prints is limited, and image formats may vary. The same motif can be ordered in several sizes, in varying frame tone and materials.

#naturelovers' range of picture frames is actually even wider. We use natural stains and high-quality waterproof mineral paints that are environmentally friendly and at the same time have very good durability.
Contact us and we will send you a colour card of suitable tones for the selected photo.

How to choose the perfect wall art?

  •  Choose a photo that evokes positive emotions and a calm mind - much like a walk in nature. As the wall art becomes the focal point of the room, where the eyes of the guests stop the most, it should be a motif that creates a pleasant atmosphere and at the same time expresses your personality.

  • Consider the interior where you want to place the picture. Suitable wall art should have similar or harmonizing tones with the room it is hanged in. You can always add accessories in similar color nuances - pillows, blanket, flower vase, etc.

  • At the end of this article, you'll find a link that teaches using online tools to create a home color scheme. And if you wish, you can also send us a photo of your room and ask for advice on choosing suitable photos.

  • If you are in doubt as to whether a color image is suitable for the interior, prefer images in black-and-white tones, in which case you can create an interesting accent just by choosing a frame tone. However, in the case of black-and-white images, it is worth considering whether a photo with a soft line or a sharp and contrasting motif is suitable for the interior.

  • The wall where the artwork is to be placed could also be in a shade that provides a calm background to the colours in the photo and is compatible but contrasting with the colur of the frame so that the image can stand out on the wall.

  • Consider the dimensions of the photo. Large wall art above the sofa or dining table is very effective and gives the room a final touch. However, before ordering, measure the free wall area and make sure that there is enough space around the photo.

  • If the wall picture is above a sofa or a dresser, it is considered to be a good proportion if the size of the picture is up to 2/3 of the width of the piece of furniture. The picture could hang at least 15 cm above the furniture.

  • Should you have more wall space, you could consider creating a group of smaller wall images instead of one large wall image. 2-5 smaller, well-matched pictures can create a very beautiful composition and make a large blank wall surface exciting and eye-catching. See, for example, our series of small birds.

  • Hang photos where they are well lit. It would be good if daylight falls on the wall, but you can also use small directional artificial light sources to bring out the photo at any time. Since we use special gloss-free gallery glass when designing framed works, disturbing reflections on the surface of the work of art are brought to a minimum.


How do I order a #naturelovers wall art?

All photos in the #naturelovers gallery are the work of nature photographers Merlis Lätti and Andres Killing. Most of the photos were taken in beautiful places in Estonia, but there are also shots from other places around the world.

Check out our selection of wall art in the #naturelovers SHOP, where you can see photos that we already have and that are in stock or are offered for order in specific sizes and formats.

If you can't find suitable wall art in the store right away, be sure to check out our wider selection galleries BIRDS, BLACK AND WHITE and COLORED. Here are photos that you can order in a frame with the desired tone, and depending on the desired motif, there may be variations in size and format. Each wall art is a giclée-print on high-quality fine art paper and carefully handcrafted by an experienced craftsman.

Please contact us so that we can send you more information about the photo you like - frame tones, sizes and design options, and order fulfillment time.

We will be happy to give recommendations and help you choose the most suitable photo!

Happy moments with nature,
Merlis Lätti and Andres Killing

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