At the seaside, 11.04 2020

Last Saturday we were visiting a beach we visit often. But every time the photos we get there are in different moods. This time it was very windy and although the sun was shining it was freezing. The sea was forceful, had a cold, dark blue color and lighting conditions were of high contrast.
To be honest I was not very inspired at first..but really wanted to try out a 16-35mm wide-angle lens for landscapes - one, I had not used for capturing nature before. Therefor - and as Andres was chasing the bird photos anyway, I decided to look better and find something to get inspired of too.
So it appeared - there were some nice patterns as an abstract microcosmos on the sand. And some stones and seagrass in a beautiful chaos reminding the japanese aesthetics of wabi-sabi - the beauty of imperfection. Hope you get the feeling as looking at these photos :)
Hmm, just thinking - why not to put a photo reminder of this philosophy on the wall.. you can find beauty as you are looking for it..
Photographer Merlis Lätti for #naturelovers. Art prints are available in BW collection, sizes up to 80x54cm.
Saturday, 04.04 2020
Struggle on the swan lake

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