Visiting Hiiumaa island

It is always interesting to visit western Estonian islands. There are two bigger ones, Saaremaa and Hiiumaa.
Hiiumaa is smaller, with size about 1000 km2 and population about 9400 people. So the island is only slightly bigger than Singapore - which has a population about 5,6 million people. Whereas population density in Hiiumaa is very low, the nature is rich with different species of wild life and places to discover.

Hiiumaa welcomed us with it`s rich birdworld. Above is one white-tailed eagle and below black-tailed godwit

Southern dunlin is very rare bird in Estonia. We saw them wading in Southern part of Hiiumaa.

Sääretirp is unique place, 2 km. long narrow cape is really beautiful site. On one side the sea was restless and windy, on the other there was silence and peace.

Eurasian oystercatcher is a bird with very interesting colors, the bill looks like a carrot and the eyes are like redberries.

Great crested grebe is 2020 bird of the year in Estonia.

At one point we were followed by a group of curious sheep, after they noticed us eating peanuts from our pockets :) 

Next day was rainy and we decided to drive back home.. on the way those were our last photos taken - the grey heron, two marsh-harriers and a majestic swan :)

Photos by Merlis Lätti and Andres Killing
Struggle on the swan lake
Saturday, 26.09 2020

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